Home Staging Connecticut – 3 Tips to Make Your Home a Success

The first thing I do is get to know a house. It may sound weird, but the house speaks to me. It might say “I want to be zen” or “I want to be more chic than the house next door.”

Meridith Baer isn’t just a home stager; she’s a creator and teacher. Her gift for home staging can be seen throughout the Connecticut community as she touches homes with her talent. It’s not simply about ‘filling a room’ with furniture; Meridith creates a story about the people who live there. This story gives her rooms depth, color, and a developed personality.


1. Give life to your room but let IT be the star!

While staging your Connecticut home, less is more when it comes to personal photos. Too many images takes away from the room itself. For the best home staging, use a max of 6 photos in each room.

2. Struggling with Color?

Get rid of it! White makes everything look newer and bigger. Potential buyers love the idea of a clean, bright blank slate to start their new future.

3. The 8 Second Rule

The best home staging makes an impression in 8 seconds. You have that amount of time to establish a favorable response from your design. First impressions set the tone for staging homes in Connecticut, so make sure your door is an unpredictable color. This shows that your home is taken care of.

Take a look at these before and after home staging photos. They’re great examples of Meridith’s home staging tips.

Connecticut Home Staging

Home staging in Connecticut can be easy if you know what tips and tricks make a difference. Notice the bright colors and the simple and clean yet warm design. Could you see yourself living in this home?

The best home staging allows the buyer to see themselves in the home without being overwhelmed by the decor. If you’re trying to either sell your home or design it for yourself, these 3 tips for home staging in Connecticut can make the difference between turning people away and welcoming them in.

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