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People Magazine Interviews Meridith Baer About Staging Celebrity Homes

Meryl Streep, Geena Davis, Jonah Hill – These are just a few of the celebrities whose houses have been staged for sale by Meridith Baer Home.

People Magazine recently interviewed Meridith about what it takes to successfully style these A-list properties, including Streep’s New York penthouse pictured above, and the feature is online now!

Geena Davis

In the article, Meridith shares differences between staging celebrity homes, like Geena Davis’ Los Angeles residence with its striking sculptural fireplace pictured above, and others:

While she normally recommends putting away personal items such as family photos, for celebrity clients she suggests the opposite… “Anything that we can use that will readily identify them, we take advantage of it. If you’re going to sell, sell with all your might. And so we’ve used people’s Oscar statues for decoration.”

Geena Davis

Meridith also reveals the surprising thing she learned from her first famous clients, and how she worked around it:

Not all celebrities live as well as you think they would. So, interesting enough, I would make their home into their [public] image.

The profile goes on to tell Meridith’s origin story, transitioning from screenwriter to celebrity staging entrepreneur, before also offering her tips and tricks for the rest of us decorating our own homes.

Read the full feature at People’s website:

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