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Hamptons Luxury Furniture Rental

Luxury furniture rental in the Hamptons actually plays a huge role in the home staging process and has been proven to help your property sell faster. If no one is currently living in your home, but it is up for sale, luxury furniture rentals can actually help you a lot. It can also help you if you don’t have a lot of furniture, if your furniture is showing its age, or if your furniture is way out of date.READ MORE

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Best Home Staging Hamptons

Home staging in the Hamptons can be the difference between selling your property quickly or having it sit on the market for months. Here at Meridith Baer Home we are professionals at creating an atmosphere that causes your potential buyer to imagine themselves actually living in your home, which then prompts them to make an offer based on that feeling. As more and more homes are selling faster due to home staging, professionals (real estate agents, etc) are starting to utilize home staging services to help their clients.READ MORE