Beverly Hills Modernist

Staging a Beverly Hills Modernist Estate—Just Sold for $500,000 Over Asking!

At Meridith Baer Home, we’re honored to stage houses built by some of Los Angeles’ most renowned architects.

Our latest design showcase is this Beverly Hills estate designed by modernist icon Charles G. Kanner—just sold for $500,000 over asking!

Beverly Hills Modernist

The house was built in 1962 and recently renovated, a makeover inspired by the resort aesthetic of Tulum, Mexico.

The result is a home that blends classic midcentury style with the luxurious beauty of an oasis retreat.

Beverly Hills Modernist

We planned our design to complement that winning mix, installing organic modern interiors that honored the property’s history while enhancing its remodeled glamour.

Using Moroccan pillows, poufs, and rustic wood accessories to lend the space an eclectic edge, our staging enticed buyers with its inviting elegance, inspiring them to bid fast and high!

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