• Todd K. Testimonial
  • Todd K. Testimonial
  • Todd K. Testimonial
  • Todd K. Testimonial

Todd K. Testimonial

We just received this glowing testimonial from a client who’s Westwood, CA home just went on market!

Louisa and Meridith,

I’m VERY pleased with the way Birchwood turned out. I think it makes a HUGE difference and, in fact, it makes me question whether or not I should sell the place!

You clearly put a lot of thought and effort into making it beautiful, not to mention what I’m sure was a lot of sweat and hard work.

I have lots of “favorites” including the bedrooms, the family/game room, the funky lanai off the living room, the study, the living room, the kitchen/breakfast room, the courtyard, the pool area… uh, I guess that’s everything and there wasn’t any room I didn’t like.

And, what was super great is I didn’t feel the need to butt in – great for me and great for you.

As you normally do, I’m sure, I suspect you’ll get lots of referrals from this job. I know I’ll be recommending you. But, I think the work, alone, speaks for itself.

Thank you for making it all so easy for me and let’s hope it all translates into a quick sale.

I really appreciate the extra care you put into this project.


Thank you, Todd, and congrats to our designer Louisa for a job very well done!

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