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Staging a Farmhouse Modern Estate in Boca Raton

Meridith Baer Home is proud to introduce our latest luxury staging showcase in South Florida: this newly-built ‘farmhouse modern’ mansion in Boca Raton’s exclusive Estates Section.

Designed and developed by B1 Architect and Elysee Homes, the house offers over 6,500 square feet of lavish living space, all of which we furnished with impeccable contemporary style.

Boca Raton Modern Estate

Our signature organic modern interiors feature large-scale furnishings that lend the home’s open plan layout a sense of proportion, showing buyers how it can feel utmost chic while still intimate.

Featuring faux fur accents, live edge woods, and delicate florals and mosses, our staging completes the property’s grand farmhouse aesthetic with inviting warmth and flair.

Boca Raton Modern Estate

Boca Raton Modern Estate

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